What To Research Before Gambling On American Football Games?

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All serious American football gamblers will tell you that you can’t blindly bet on teams and expect to make money. If you want to outsmart the betting sites you need to perform in-depth research and discover when the odds set by the sportsbooks are out of alignment. But how do you perform this research? Don’t worry we are going to show!

Always Check The Head To Head Record

The most powerful predictive statistic of the games is the head to head record. When studying the head to head record make sure you only look at the most recent matchups that had similar lineups. There is no point looking at matches that occurred 5 years ago when the teams were completely different. That is why it is best to bet on divisional games because the sides play each other regularly and the head to head records are highly predictive.

Make Note Of Lineup Changes

If a big time player is out injured you need to adjust your wager accordingly. The last thing you want to do is bet heavily on a team only to find out their star TE or running back is out injured. Luckily, now with the internet, you can quickly pull up current lineups and be informed of lineup changes as they happen. To ensure you aren’t burned by last minute lineup changes delay your bet for as long as possible.

Check Which Side Has Home Field Advantage

American football games are heavily influenced by where the game is taking place. Away teams can often struggle to play up to their potential while hometown teams can rise to the occasion and put on the performance of their lifetimes. A loud hometown crowd constantly screaming while the away side is trying to get its offense working can cause some serious miscommunication and lead to penalties and turnovers. You need to factor in the effect of the hometown crowd before you decide to make your wager.

Understand The Impact Of The Weather

Another factor that can heavily influence whether a team wins or loses is the weather. Teams that rely on a pass heavy offense and do not have a strong kicking team often struggle when it is raining or snowing. While sides with great kickers, awesome run defense, and a great run heavy offense tend to dominate snow games. Before placing money on a side you need to analyze their defense, offense, and their historical performance in particular weather conditions.

Let’s Try Your Luck And Win Big

If you do your homework and research every prospective bet using our formula you will experience a big rise in your win percentage. Remember to only bet once you have researched a bet thoroughly!