How to Watch Chiefs Vs Texans NFL 2020 Live Stream Online

On September 10th, the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to begin another epic title battle. They face long-time rivals the Houston Texans in the opening game of the NFL’s regular season. For a thrilling night of sports in Autumn 2020, tune in to Watch Chiefs Vs Texans.

Having already beaten the Texans during a record breaking playoff run, the Chiefs will be looking to uphold their winning streak. Whether they can do so depends, at least in part, on the skills of star passer Patrick Mahomes and his ability to outpace Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

There have been few changes in the Chiefs camp. In 2020, the team returns with only two new starting faces. The Houston Texans, on the other hand, have made the big decision to swap wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for running back David Johnson. Recently obtained wide receiver Brandin Cooks (formerly of the LA Rams) will also appear at the September head to head.

At their last meeting, the Chiefs trailed for much of the divisional round playoff. Then, they surprised everybody by clawing back a 51-31 victory after a bruising 23-0 score line in the second quarter. The game has since gone down as one of the biggest comebacks in NFL playoff history. It paved the way for the Chief’s first title in fifty years as the team would eventually beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIVE.

We know the stories. We know what winning the first game of the season means to both teams. Alas, there can only be one. Keep reading to find out how you can watch Chiefs Vs Texans NFL in 2020.

Where Can I Watch Texans vs Chiefs NFL 2020 Live Stream?

If you’re wondering how to watch Texans  vs Chiefs NFL 2020 live stream online, there’s a number of options. Fans without cable subscriptions can live stream the game on or the Fox Sports, Fox Now and NFL apps for free. There’s no need for authentication on any of these platforms. Viewers can start streaming instantly.

Online streaming is now available in 4K HDR. It’s the best way to experience sports if you have a fast enough internet connection. At any level of quality, expect a slight time delay. Streaming is live in the sense games occur in real time. However, the variations among providers put streamers seconds or minutes behind those watching cable.

It’s something to keep in mind if you’ll be sharing the experience with cable watchers. They might see touchdowns and other big moments before you do.

You can watch the Super Bowl on Fox with a live TV streaming service. Although, not every service carries every local network. Check the network in your area to see if Fox is available.

How to Watch Chiefs Vs Texans NFL 2020 Live Stream Online
Texans vs ChiefsNFL Match 2020

What TV Channel Will the NFL Texans Vs Chiefs 2020 Be On?

The September 10th game between the Texans and the Chiefs will air on NBC at 8.20pm Eastern Time.

It marks the start of the 2020 season and a much anticipated return to sport following the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic. The NFL’s entire league schedule has now been released. Though commissioner Roger Goodall is keen to stress circumstances could still change as states respond to the biggest public health crisis in a generation.

How Much Are Tickets for the Texans vs Chiefs Game?

If you’d prefer to watch the Texans vs Chiefs playoff in person, tickets are out now. The average cost of a single ticket is $240. Drivers need a $40 parking pass on top of this and, potentially, money for snacks and drinks. It’s not cheap to support your team these days.

Due to the pandemic, refund policies have been relaxed somewhat. If games must be cancelled or played behind closed doors, ticket holders are entitled to a full refund (minus booking fees).

Or you could play it safe and tune in from the comfort of home. Visit This page for information and how to watch Texans vs Chiefs online with no authentication required. You don’t need a cable subscription for this.

What Are Some Early Point Spreads for the Kansas City Chiefs?

At the time of writing, the Kansas City Chiefs are odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl at +600. The team’s preseason win total is established as 11.5 with -110 odds on both under and over. They represent a formidable opponent for the Houston Texans in September, but their line-up is not without weaknesses.

Here are some early point spreads released by DraftKings Sportsbook:

Week 1: vs. Texans (-10)

Week 3: @ Ravens (+2.5)

Week 4: vs. Patriots (-6.5)

Week 7: @ Broncos (-4.5)

Week 8: vs. Jets (-11.5)

Week 13: vs. Broncos (-10.5)

Visit Texans vs Chiefs 2020 Schedule

Chiefs Recent update score
The Chiefs are taking on the Texans September,10th and you don’t want to miss a minute of it

Most Likely Cover

The Kansas City Chiefs have had the luck of the draft. They’re predicted to win all of their matches apart from the clash with Baltimore Ravens on September 28th. The two sides are closely matched but most experts believe home advantage will give the Ravens an edge at this meeting. Then again, is home advantage dependent on the presence of fans?

At this point, we don’t know when fans will be allowed back into stadiums. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control by September and venues will reopen their doors. If not, it will be interesting to see whether home advantage exists without supporters.

The Chiefs may be looking forward to Week 4 and their clash with the Patriots at NRG Stadium. The team, led by Jarret Stidham, have made vast improvements of late but they remain an easy target for Patrick Mahomes and his boys. Stidham is nearing the end of his career, so it’ll be a defining season for him whatever the outcome.

Most Likely Fail To Cover

There’s a reason Chiefs fans feel uneasy about the upcoming Baltimore match up. The Ravens have been looking like a different team in recent months. They have tightened their defensives during the offseason and will use their development to force the issue at the line of scrimmage.

The Chiefs have suffered from a weak and leaky defense before. Can they stand up to the pressures of a revitalized, smart thinking opponent?

Line Most Likely To Change

Changes are no rare thing once teams get deep into the NFL season. Pundits and sportscasters have been keeping a weather eye on Bronco’s quarterback Drew Lock. When we saw him last, he was still a little green. He needed more time to connect with his team’s (also new) receivers and figure out his place within the group.

On the other hand, he’s proved he’s capable of learning very quickly and few would be surprised to see him debut in 2020. If the Denver Broncos are bold enough, they could transform their offense and pose a real challenge for the Chiefs.

Late Season Test

The December 20th game against the New Orleans Saints is another interesting prospect for the Chiefs. They’re odds on favorites to win. However, NFL fans know that anything can happen at this late stage in the tournament. Patrick Mahomes should have the edge but it’s hard to ignore Drew Brees’ passing yards and passing touchdown stats.

The clash will be a major test for both sides and a deciding factor in which team goes on to take the No. 1 overall seed. It’s also an opportunity to check out the teams’ rookie running backs, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Alvin Kamara.

How Can I Watch NFL 2020 Live Online?

Like all professional sport, the NFL was recently suspended in compliance with state and federal lockdown laws. When it returns on September 10th with a playoff game between Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs, broadcasters expect record viewers.

Almost fifty million people watched the recent NFL draft on ABC, ESPN and NFL Network. It’s a significant increase on last year’s viewership and was likely driven by a nationwide craving for live sport of any kind. It’s hoped the Texans vs Chiefs NFL game will bring in lots of new fans who might not have watched in normal circumstances.

Watch NFL Games – Without Cable

There are lots of ways to watch live NFL games without a standard cable subscription. The best option for you depends on how much money you’re willing to pay. It’s worth checking existing subscriptions to services such as Fox and ESPN. Sometimes, customers can build on an existing account by adding a little more money for a sports upgrade.


Sling TV is a relatively new service that delivers live sports on ESPN as part of its Orange package. Sling’s Blue package provides live sports coverage from FOX and FOXSports. Packages cost $25 per month. Or enjoy the best of everything with a $40 per month combination bundle that includes, FOXSports, FOX and ESPN games.

For a limited period during the NFL 2020 season, SlingTV is offering customers a 40% discount on its TV packages.

NFL Game Pass

The simplest way to make sure you catch all important events is with an NFL Game pass. There is one major downside. There is no live coverage available. You can watch any game you like but only after it has already aired, and not before. There are certainly benefits to viewing like this but it’s not the right choice for everybody. If you’re determined to watch the games live, try a different service.

The benefits of an NFL Game Pass ($74.99 for a year) include the freedom to stream previously aired games on a computer, mobile device or set top box. Users can watch preseason matches. They can also listen to radio broadcasts of games and view game highlights when pushed for time.

Some reports claim the NFL Game Pass can be used to watch live sports. The secret is to view NFL games (via the service) from a European location that has fewer broadcast restrictions. You’ll need a VPN for this. Use any European location except for the United Kingdom and Ireland because they have similar ‘blackout’ rules.

It works because the European version of NFL Game Pass offers live coverage to its users and not just televised sports. For it to function successfully, your VPN must put you in a European address and you need to sign up for a European version of the service.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access is another good way to stream NFL 2020 games live online. It costs $6 per month and includes the right to watch live games on mobile devices, gaming consoles, televisions, computers and set top boxes.

For $10 per month, you can get the same access to live NFL games without commercial breaks.


Amazon recently acquired the rights to stream NFL events after landing a contract for Thursday Night Football. It’s great news for Amazon Prime Video subscribers because Thursday night games can be viewed on the platform without extra charges. All you need is an Amazon Prime account.

It’s worth noting Amazon doesn’t have all the ‘Thursday’ rights yet. There are five Thursday NFL games in 2020 that will be aired exclusively by the NFL Network. All other Thursday games will be aired by Amazon Prime.

Watch NFL Games – With Cable

Sports fans with existing cable subscriptions might want to compare the monthly or annual costs with the cost of using a service like SlingTV or Amazon Prime. If all you use your subscription for is sports streaming, it might be cheaper to swap it for an online games pass.

NFL RedZone

This service is a little different to the others featured here because it’s more of a highlights broadcast. It doesn’t show full games but, instead, provides exhaustive coverage of every Sunday match all at the same time.

The RedZone broadcasts switch between live NFL games (that are being played simultaneously) to ensure viewers always see the most important moments. It is an ideal resource for diehard football fans who wish they could be in three stadiums at once.

With NFL RedZone, there’s no boring moments. You’re always seeing the most important parts of multiple games. Check with your cable provider to see if RedZone is a part of your subscription. Broadcasts start at 1pm ET and finish when the final NFL game of the Sunday wraps up.

NFL Sunday Ticket

If you’ve got a DirecTV subscription, you can stream ‘out of market’ NFL games in full on Sundays. It’s a superb option for sports enthusiasts who enjoy a broad selection of games. Got no interest in your locally broadcast match? Use Sunday Ticket to watch something different.

This service is particularly useful if you’ve relocated to another state but want to continue watching regional games from back home. There’s an option to pay for a standalone NFL Sunday Ticket service. However, you’re only eligible if you cannot get a standard cable subscription in your area.


If you’ve got a cable, you probably already have access to ESPN. It’s the best source for Monday Night NFL coverage. The ESPN app is very easy to use. All you need to do is download it, sign in with your cable provider credentials and start watching live sports.

It’s not long until the start of the season now, though it’s felt like it’s been gone for a lifetime already! If there’s one thing the Covid-19 disruptions have shown, it’s that sports are an essential part of life for most Americans. We can’t wait to get back into the stadiums. See you guys there