What Are The Most Widespread American Football Wagers?

American football gives gamblers so much choice and flexibility. On every NFL game, you make hundreds of different wagers. However, if you are new to sports gambling this can be a little confusing especially when certain bets offer amazing value while others are simply a donation to the sportsbook. To help you stick to profitable wagers we are going to break down the most common and profitable American football bets. Check them out below!

What Are Point Spreads?

The point spread is a form of handicap gambling which is incredibly popular in the niche. The bookmaker puts a points handicap on the side favored to win and then set equal odds for both teams to win (usually – 110). For example, if the Browns are playing the Dolphins and the sportsbooks have the Browns as a favorite they place a -7 points handicap on the Browns. If you wager on the Browns for your wager to pay out they have to win by 8+ points. If they win by 7 points, which is called a push and the sportsbook returns your stake. The size of the handicap depends on how likely the favorite is to win.

How Do Over/Unders Work?

Over/Under is a different type of bet that you see all the time in this sport. With an over/under prediction, a bookmaker will predict the outcome of a statistic such as the score of a match or the number of games a team will win and then your job is to guess whether the result will be higher (over) or lower (under). For example, the site may set the number of games the New York Giants is expected to win next season at 8.5. If you take the over and they win 9 or more games you increase your bankroll. Conversely, if you take the under and they win 8 or fewer games, you win. Over/under American football gambles are great fun especially if you like studying statistics and making predictions.

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What Is The Money Line?

The money line is the classic way to bet on sports and is the second most popular method of American football gambling. In the money line, sites provide odds on teams to win a game based on their likelihood of success. Your goal is to simply predict the winner of the game. Many American football gamblers opt to bet the money line compared to the spread as they can receive much higher odds when backing the underdog. Also if a game has a small spread there is often more value in making a wager on the money line. If you like betting favorites it usually makes sense to make spread bets unless you predict the game will be close and the spread is too wide.

Are Parlays Profitable?

An American football parlay wager involves combining 2 or more gambles into a single mega wager. With a parlay, your wager only pays out if all of the wagers you have made are correct. For example, if you create a parlay where you bet the New York Giants to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Your gamble will only pay out if both the Giants and Cowboys win. American football gamblers love parlays because you can receive very high odds, however, there is substantial risk in these wagers. If you combine too many bets into your parlay you are essentially buying a lottery ticket but if you keep the wagers to under 4 you can find great value.

What Are Prop Bets?

Prop bets on American football games have exploded in popularity in recent years as sports betting sites have begun offering all kinds of fun and exotic wagers. With prop wagers, you can gamble on the outcome of a range of different American football statistics and outcomes. You can gamble on which side or player will score the first touchdown, predict the number of fumbles in a game, the outcome of the first possession of the game, how many yards a player will rush for. With prop wagers, there are no restrictions, so if you like freedom when gambling, this is your best choice. Many prop wagers are set up as over/unders which gives you a greater chance of multiplying your deposit but if you want to chase big-time payouts you can try to make exact predictions. These gambles are a great way to make even the most boring American football game super entertaining. And because these markets are often small and uncompetitive you can find great value!

Can You Make Winning Margin Wagers?

Another form of American football gambling that is growing in popularity is a winning margin wager. With such a bet, your job is to predict by how many points a certain team is going to win by. For example, you may gamble on the New England Patriots to beat the Buffalo Bills by 10 points. If you are great at making score predictions you can make some serious money by placing margin gambles. This wager is like a spread bet on steroids and due to the increased risk, you can receive some very high odds especially if you predict a team to win by a large margin. Prior to making a margin wager, you should research the average number of points each team scores and concedes.

Time To Try These American Football Wagers!

Now you know which American football bets are the most popular and profitable, why not try them out during the next big game! By making any of these wagers you give yourself a great shot at making some extra cash!